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  • AI Careers for Every Talents

    Build High Growth, High Pay Careers

    Get ready on world’s first ever Job Readiness Engine, designed with ultimate AI Workbench for Most In Demand Jobs and skills that top employers are Hiring in Industry 4.0 technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, Internet of Things and Data Security.

Prepare for Your Dream Job

Our Product

Transform on World’s First Job Readiness Engine

The Job Readiness Engine Designed to Ready Students and Working Professionals from Diverse Background for High Skilled Jobs

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Ultimate AI Workbench for Experiential Learning
  • Tool Kit
  • Business Problem
  • Data Acquisition
  • Feature Engineering
  • Transform Data
  • Data Architecture
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Train, Test, Deploy Models
  • Advanced Use Cases
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Daily Hackathon for AI Community

Share Idea, Create Datasets; Identify Problems; Model, Code, Predict and Solve Data to Value Problems; Collaborate Learning, Compete with Global Talents

Community of Data Scientist, ML Specialists, Data Engineers, AI Engineers and Specialists

Partiipation in regular user case challenges and Aitathons

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  • Transform Institutions to Skills Based Education

    High JOB Placement

    Right Job and Right Pay for Students

    Access to Global Corporate Network

    Surviving Job Market Disruption

    Brand Equity

    Competitive Edge

  • AI Careers for Anyone, Anywhere in India

    Making AI accessible to all – Skill or Fund Empowering the Powerless

    Opportunity for Every Graduate to Build High Growth Careers

    Building Tools, Resources, Mentors and Solutions for every one

    End to End Career Ecosystem for learners with age of 10’s, 20’s to 30’s