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    Aithub Advantage

    • Talents Ready for Jobs from Day One

    • Cut 6 months of Skilling New Entrant

    • All Capable, Skilled, Job Ready, Diverse Talents in One Place

    • Programs Made by and made for Your Skills Requirement

    • Provide ML led Hiring Tool: Performance Analytics, Skill Dashboard, Project Repository, and AitaDtQ-Certification Metrics

    • Give Problems and Hire on Outcomes in Aitathons

    • Customized Training Solutions for Skilling & Grow Talent

    • Helps Companies in Digital Transformation with R&D

    Talents Learnt Skills in the Job Environment

    Skill Gap Assessment, Program Development

    Job Based Modules, Skill Based Content

    Campus Experience in Skill Lab: High Academic Credentials

    Expert Instructors, Mentors from the Industry

    Perform Job Tasks on World’s First Job Readiness Engine

    Learning with Ultimate AI workbench

    Work and Specialized with 100+ Tools, Data Science Use Cases

    Learn by Doing and built Professional Projects Portfolio

    Collaborate Learning on Aita Hack Platform

    Built in Business and Soft Skills

    100 + Tools, Platform, AI + Data Science Use Cases

    Specialist Data Science Modules for Each Business